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The Weed Warrior mission is to promote environmental stewardship and inspire everyone to protect the native habitat. Our Nature Stewards program provides outreach and education about environmental sustainability. Our stewardship projects restore a healthy balance to the environment by removing invasive weeds and planting native species plants.

We're Advocates for a Healthy Environment.
It's Important. It's Possible. It's Essential.

Our Nature Stewards program includes education about invasive weeds, methods for control or eradication, and provides opportunities where volunteers participate in "hands-on" restoration projects, improving the environmental health and aesthetic and recreational qualities of our public places. We work with cities and communities to reduce the negative impact of invasive, noxious weeds in public places, like parks, trails, and open spaces. We offer projects, workshops, events, and advocate for public spaces with healthy habitats in communities.


Volunteer & Community Service Opportunities: 2015 Calendar
Sign-up for community service hours - Call Grace Stiller, 425.228.7927 or email to GraceStiller


Our motto: "We Battle Invasive Weeds and Restore Habitats "

Weed Warrior projects reflect the willingness of citizens of all ages to be involved and take part in their community as environmental stewards.

Consider our Mission and Volunteer Efforts
Your Donation Supports Habitat Restoration, Environmental Education, Workshops and Projects in Public Places, Parks, Trails and Open Spaces. Thank You!

The Weed Warriors is WA State Non-Profit Charitable Organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
Donate securely on-line or send to:
Weed Warriors, PO Box 3455 Renton, WA 98056

We've grown and evolved since our initial "Boots on the Ground" weed removal and restoration projects in 2008. Our program now includes workshops, events, classroom presentations, nature trail walks, rain garden installations, and advocacy for environmental issues - all activities supporting our mission to impart and nurture the responsibility of environmental stewardship. To better reflect all that we do, we have changed our program name to "Nature Stewards." Yes, volunteers will still have the opportunity to get their gloves dirty with our "Boots on the Ground" projects, as they will continue offering community engagement and community service opportunities.

Weed Warriors remains as our organization name with our Non-Profit 501c3 designation. Look for a new website and more details in the near future about the new, inclusive Nature Stewards Program of the Weed Warriors organization.

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